Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ghita: Love in Romania

I created this webpage after watching a Romanian video featuring a three year old girl named Cleopatra Stratan. Her father is a popular singer in Romania. The little girl's performance became an international sensation. The song is 'Ghita', and is in the form of a traditional folksong. It prompted me to think about love in all its manifestations, especially as described in folk art throughout the world.

'My jacket hangs on the hook,
There is no sun outside
And nothing good in the field.
I'm thinking of Ghita.
I was asking about you,
But it seems you left
To find food to live.
It's hard for me, so very hard.
It's hard...
But I don't know what I want.
I know you like me too.
Ghita, tell me what you're doing.

Either come to me,
Say yes or no,
I beg you, don't make me mad.
Ghita, what's going on in your life?

I'm waiting for you at the little gate
Next to the gate of the school.
Come, but not the way you did before,
Would wait for you the way I do?
The whole night only for you,
Show me a girl
Who would love you as much as I do.'

I am not certain why I found this little song so appealing, even touching. Perhaps it reminds me of the plight of refugees everywhere, the universal pain of separation and the undefined longing of innocence. The video, although it is quite good, has a rather homespun quality to it that reinforces its genuine appeal.


Fleming said...

The scope of this website is very ambitious, and I hope it will continue to expand. Your presentation of the subject of love in art and folksong will necessarily be shaped by your own feelings and tastes, which will make it all the more interesting.

younge said...