Monday, June 25, 2007

Francoise Hardy

'Tous les garcons et les filles'

Tous les garcons et les fille de mon age
Se promenant dans la rue deux par deux;
Tous les garcons et les filles de mon age
savent bien ce que c'est d'etre heureux.

Et les yeux dans les yeux et la main dans la main
Its s'en vont amoureux sans peur du lendemain
Oui, mais moi, je vais seule par les rues, l'en peine,
Oui, mais moi, je vais seule, car personne ne m'aime.'

'All Over the World' by Francoise Hardy

'All over the world, people must meet and part,
There's some one like me feeling the pain in their heart.
Some may meet again under that same bright star
If maybe some night you come back from afar,
Who cares if tonight I don't know where you are.

Are you thinking of me now,
Missing having me around?
If you have forgotten me,
My world will come tumbling down.

All over the world, others are sad tonight,
There's some one like me watching the sun's fading light.
All over the sky, there is the same warm glow
Here under that star I'm wanting you to know
Wherever you are, that I still love you so.'

(To my first love... you know who you are, in whatever world you inhabit now. I remember sitting in an attic window in Paris one Easter, listening to this song and thinking about you... so far away. Innocent, innocent days... So far away now both in time and space that we could never touch that place again.)

'Ton Meilleur Ami'

All these songs are about first love, young love...

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